Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cash for Clunkers and Govoernment run healthcare

The cash for clunkers program was put in place, and seemed like a good idea. What ruined the program was that there we no cohesive plan put in place to get the funds to the dealerships. Most dealerships are awaiting checks from the government for cars they have sold and there is no guaranty that they will be getting these funds any time soon. There will soon be a cash for clunkers for old appliances where you came get between 50 & 300 dollars for getting new, energy efficient appliances. There is 300 or so billion ear marked for this, but again, no infrastructure in place to get these funds to the retailers in any timely manner. Also, there will be very little over site, so fraud will probably be rampant. Why oh why would we ever trust our health care to an administration that, so far as botch a program as simple as cash for clunkers. There are many, many programs that the Government runs that are equally as inefficient, MVD, Foods Stamp, Access, most public transit (granted these are mostly on a state/local level), INS, public schools, etc.

The permeating ideas, is that in most cases, the Government running something means that the money is there to run the given project, but the program will be clog with red tape, general mis-managed and cost much more than the private sector equivalent.We need to address why medical care cost so much and fix that

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